my poem's mythology

trust      sounding the second note of our Autumn

becoming aware of our spirit guide

For this story poem, I have used mythology that tells of Ivy supporting our spirit that protects us from weakness.

This is weakness that may happen when we resist the spirit of love flowing through us.

Bards have shared stories of Gort The Ivy leading us to understand and relate to our spirit guide, no matter how we describe or name it according to our faith and understanding.

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my Gort the Ivy story poem explained ...

This story opens up to encourage making brave and strong choices when a loved one appears to have left our life, either through passing on or through partnership or union break up.

Why seclude yourself to mourn for long?

The story then motivates the choice to connect with others,
with all things of life and nature, again
... and then we are introduced to the Ivy Green.

Ivy Green, is a name that is from Charles Dicken's writings and I have used a few of his lines in this story poem.

I continue a couple of long verses describing how Ivy Green connects to trees and walls. When Ivy grows and creeps up walls, the lime and mortar does break away. Ivy pushes its stem roots into the mortar and the mortar then crumbles and is pushed out.

Unfortunately, the consequences of Ivy on human created buildings  has caused it to carry a false blame of killing the trees that it attaches to. Many people believe Ivy feeds from trees and slowly kill them.

This is far from true. Ivy has its own independent root feeding system well established in the ground. The stem roots that cling onto trees are merely for support and barely dig into tree bark, not even to the first ring.

Some readers may think that my story poem here is being metaphoric of people we may fall in love with that seem to slowly bleed our energy to support their own. Many believe this is what Ivy does to trees.

The truth is that Ivy is love and support for a tree.
An ailing tree usually lives longer when Ivy clings.

Maybe we can 'blame' mistletoe as being more metaphoric of what we suspect Ivy of.

In my story poem of Ivy my intent is to be symbolic of the unseen guide, spirit guide as many say, that embraces us and support us at all times. That unseen guide may also be a soaker of our blame.

Despite things seeming to go wrong, and love seeming to fade away from time to time, the support of Ivy Green never fades.

When all seems to stop and stands still, the breath of Ivy gets things moving again.

As Dickens says, Indeed, it's a rare old plant, is the Ivy Green.

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